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Been having chronic migraines for about 4 years now. There was months where I would only have three days with no migraine pain and on those days my body be physically tired /fatigue that I could barely get out of bed. I've been to different doctors or neurologist and we would try a lot of different medications that just didn't work. Through a Facebook group call The Migraines Guy Support Group I begin learning about different ways to help with reduced migraine pain levels. One of these ways was Somnilight Migraines glasses. On the my awesome brother brought me A bundle deal where I got to try out three different glasses . - SomniLight Computer Glasses -SomniLight Amber Sleep Glasses -SomniLighy Migraine Glasses FL-41 rose tint Right away when I got them in mail I try out the SomniLight Migraines glasses red tint after about 25 min my chronic migraines was reduced to mild pain and slowly going down. It was a big relief to get a break finally. I'm in Love

Good, not great

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Amerge/Naratriptan is the only triptan I can use that DOESN'T make me feel like I'm dying. It doesn't give me any side effects at all. Unfortunately, it also doesn't work all the time, but I figure that's the trade-off. My insurance has a funny time deciding what to do with this less recognized triptan, so sometimes I can get 3 months for cheap, and other times they decide they are going to limit my monthly allotment and charge me out the nose. But that's my problem, not a reflection on the company. Overall, this is a staple for me and I would really struggle without it.

Never helped

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I nicknamed this stuff the migraine candy. I felt like a drug addict, I could pop as many as I liked and it never helped. They weren't incredibly expensive with insurance, but they weren't cheap either. I did experience some small tingling and tightness in the face/throat/chest as side effects.

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